NBA Live 18 – Introducing WNBA

NBA Live 18 features players from all WNBA teams. Players can choose their favorites to represent them in multiplayer games and in other game modes. In 2016, NBA Live fans had no choice but to settle for the mobile game version as a console version was not released. The team preferred to concentrate their efforts on the app and they did a great job as NBA Live Mobile is one of the most downloaded sports apps. It has basketball themed gameplay but it doesn't offer the realistic experience of being on the basketball court and fans missed that. The development team knew that they have to offer players not just good mechanics but also new unseen features as the rival basketball franchise gained immense popularity in the last year. In an unprecedented feat, NBA Live 18 is the first basketball game that has teams from the WNBA. For the first time, users will be able to experience the WNBA action on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices. Players are invited to carefully browse the